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Douce France

Douce France, or “Sweet France” in English,  relates to an old French song from Charles Trenet singing his sweet memories of his childhood in France and how he loves it. Today my painting takes the counterfoot of this sweet feeling. Many things happenning in France these days have a bitter aftertaste. Terrorism, division, citizens violence, inequality… France is suffering, bleeding, and desperately needs to reinvente itself.

Qui ne se souvient pas de la chanson si douce de Charles Trenet. Aujourd’hui ma peinture prends le contre-pied de ce sentiment. Tant de chose en France sont douloureuses. Des attaques terroristes atroces, des guerres de gang à ciel ouvert, de la division, de la violence physique et verbale entre ses citoyens, inégalité…  Ma France souffre, saigne et à désespérément besoin de se réinventer.



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